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Lotta Green - Svenska Yle Article Statement

The book "Hallonbacken" was awarded the Runeberg Junior Prize in 2019. The success was largely attributed to its bold approach to themes such as death, greed, evil, and romance. The television series also captured the anticipatory and mysterious atmosphere that looms over a place where something frightening is happening behind the scenes. Oliver Wegmüller's music, not least, contributes to this. The breathtakingly beautiful and dreamy soundtrack constantly carries a vague sense of unease and dissonance, imprinting its own character on the mood and making the whole experience captivating.


TV Drama / Thriller: YLE, SVT, NRK, DR 3 x 30min

Söder Films / YLE

Year : 2023
Director : Saara Cantell

Producer : Teresa Ekman

Writer : Martin Jern, Emil Larsson
Cast stars : Salma Sarkola, Martin Bahne, Jessica Grabowsky


Stina, a poor and tubercular girl is sent to the Hallonbacken sanatorium to recover, but once there, she stumbles upon the sanatorium's secrets.

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