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TV Documentary: YLE 6 x 15min

Clayhill / YLE

Year : 2022
Director : Titus Poutanen

Producer : Mia Palmgren, Elias Poutanen, Titus Poutanen

Writer : Elias Poutanen, Titus Poutanen, Krippe Westerling, Mikael Stenlund
Cast stars : Kristian Westerling, Mikael Stenlund


Documentary series about current drug use in Finland. Kristian Westerling and Mikael Stenlund explore the most common illegal drugs in Finland: Cannabis, MDMA, amphetamine, cocaine, psychedelics (mushrooms and LSD), as well as opioids and pharmaceuticals. What are these substances, and what does it feel like to take them? Users share their experiences, and specialists discuss risks, addiction, and drug trafficking.

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